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[IP] Those Darn DM'ers

I call them doom sayers and it is rare to get into any group that does not 
have at least one. And because their mates step-brother had diabetes they 
took it upon themselves to learn all there is to know about the ailment. 
(note I do not call it a disease)
A friend's aunt recently had cataract surgery and he told me she had exactly 
the same thing that I did, diabetic (bleeders) and that laser surgery 
restored her vision to 20/20. He even offered to give me the address of the 
eye doc in Atlanta. Now ain't that just too sweet. According to my doc, laser 
surgery for cataracts has not been approved. My point though is if you talk 
of a symptom connected with diabetes, some idiot knows all about it and can 
tell you in an instant what to do about.Little do they know that out of 1m 
diabetics, no two react the same to food, insulin, exercise, stress etc, etc. 
Most non-diabetics seem to think the ailment has affected our mental well 
being and that we are mostly brain dead. So, my theory is, if you are not a 
good practicing diabetic, don't tell me how to treat mine, because if you 
are, you will only tell me what works for you.  BW
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