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Re: [IP] The Glucowatch

In a message dated 2/14/01 8:06:33 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Hello Group!  I have a few questions about the glucowatch.  Does anyone on 
>  this group use it?  How do you like it?  Did your insurance pay for it?  
>  about the batteries, how often do they require changing?  I am very 
>  interested in getting this and would love knowing more about it.  Any 
>  you could share would be greatly appreciated.  You can e-mail me privately 
> if 
>  you'd like.
>  Thanks so much,
>  Judy

I went today for a pre-study appt because I'm going to participate in a 
Glucowatch trial on Sunday Feb 24.  From what I understand It's not available 
for sale yet (someone please correct me if wrong). It was approved by the FDA 
with the exception of their Marketing materials under a certain manufacturer, 
then the Glucowatch company switched manufacturers and have to do the study 
all over again.

I'm hoping to see some improvement in the watch from the last go round, I 
wasn't in that study, but understand from others that it was hard to 
calibrate, wouldn't give readings quite often, and irritated the skin under 
the pad.

The info I got today said it uses three AA batteries (imagine the size needed 
just to hold those) and gives an electrical current every few minutes that 
causes a buzzing sensation.

I'm really hoping they get it together well enough to offer a product that 
would be of some use.  I'd love to have one at night, I get up at least once 
each night to test, but the greatest benefit would be for parents trying to 
watch their children's bg thru the night.

There are several of us here in Phoenix participating in this study who are 
on the IP list, the others have done it before, we'll be sure to give details 
when its done.

Best wishes,
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