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Re: [IP] Those darn non-DM'ers

This hit home, because I just returned to my desk from the
company's Valentine's Day Ice Cream Social (where I ate
no ice cream because I'm going out to dinner tonight and
didn't want to spoit my appetite).

One of the organizers made a point of telling me that he'd
gotten a carton of no-sugar-added ice cream with me in 
mind. (I explained to him several weeks ago, in detail, why
it's okay for me to eat sugar. I guess he didn't believe me. 
But it's probably a good thing, because there are several 
diet-controlled type 2s in the office who appreciated the 
low-carb choice.)

And then I overheard my T1 co-worker mentioning her
diabetes to another co-worker, who proceeded to tell her 
all about how a friend of his cured his diabetes with a 
macrobiotic diet.

Sigh. Luckily I'm in a good mood today, so it made me 
laugh. Then we both explained to him why neither of
us could do the same.

/Janet L.

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