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Re: [IP] Advice for a beginner

You can be excited and want something very much, and still 
be nervous about it. I was nervous on my wedding day (and 
happy, and excited). Going on the pump is a little like that -- 
exhilerating, scary, a leap of faith, even if you've planned it 
and are absolutely sure that you want to do it.

>And do you just stay at home the 1st day and check your bgs often, or do you
>try to go about your normal activities. 

Do what is comfortable for you and makes you feel safe. When
you're changing your therapy in any way, being cautious is
never a bad idea. 

>I was told by the MM trainer that
>some people find that their low bg signals (my biggest dread) 
>change once they start pumping, because you're receiving the 
>insulin in a different delivery method. Did any of you experience 

I haven't exactly experienced this. I think that I'm now a *little*
more able to sense a low, but the actual symptoms haven't 
changed. It's hard to say, though -- it's all so subjective.

/Janet L.

P.S. Just in case all this pump romance imagery is too weird
for you, I think it's weird, too. I have no idea what part of my
twisted brain originated it. Happy Valentine's Day, all! 

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