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what was supposed to be a happy day for me turned out to be a sad day for 
me!!  i started LIVE today with my pump and everything went fine, but after i 
got out of my 'training,' i got my results back from my 24-hour urine.
my 24-hour protein was 2139!!!!!!  normal is 0-150!!!!!!
my microalbumin was 1313!!!!!  normal is 0-25!!!!
i left the doctor's office crying and sat in the car for about a half hour 
crying and very upset!  i know that is high!  has anyone ever had theirs that 
i take zestril at bedtime for this but never thought it would ever get so 
high!  i've been T1 for 19 years now and already have neuropathy and a few 
other complications, but this one scares the s--t out of me because i am 
terrified at the thought of having to go on dialysis!
does anyone know at what point one needs to go on dialysis?  what is the 
deciding urine result that 'pushes one over'?
well, thanks to all of you who read this and hopefully who may be able to 
offer some advice or some comfort!  i sure could use it  :O(
Happy Valentine's Day!!
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