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RE: [IP] Advice for a beginner

Sue [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> BUT, I'm also nervous about pumping with insulin for the 
> first time. I know
> it's because I'll be out of my normal comfort zone (fear of 
> change and all
> that :-) )

Having diabetes takes me out of my comfort zone.  Testing 8 to 10 times a
day takes me out of my comfort zone, particularly if I'm not sure I've
correctly estimated my carbs and bolus.  Always having to be aware of what
I'm eating takes me out of my comfort zone.  

My list could go on and on.  Having a pump makes it a little less
uncomfortable and makes me a little more confident that I can achieve blood
sugars that are reasonably close to what a non-diabetic might have.  Having
a pump makes it more likely that I'll die *with* diabetes, not *of* diabetes
(and not for a long time, at that, I hope).  Having a pump makes it more
likely that I'll keep all of my appendages, my sight, my kidneys, etc., etc.

So, to put it much more concisely, it is my pump that brings me back into my
comfort zone after diabetes took me out of it.

Jim Handsfield
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mailto:email @ redacted

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