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[IP] Advice for a beginner

Hi all,
Started pumping saline this week and will be switching to insulin on Sunday.
So far, so good...I feel very confident and comfortable with the pump. I'm
ecstatic that I'll finally be rid of my nph (night time) insulin, that never
worked consistently for me and I'm looking forward to more freedom and
better control.

BUT, I'm also nervous about pumping with insulin for the first time. I know
it's because I'll be out of my normal comfort zone (fear of change and all
that :-) )
Did anyone else feel this way?
And do you just stay at home the 1st day and check your bgs often, or do you
try to go about your normal activities. I was told by the MM trainer that
some people find that their low bg signals (my biggest dread) change once
they start pumping, because you're receiving the insulin in a different
delivery method. Did any of you experience this?

Just a curious newbie
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