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[IP] Carb Counting

Does anyone besides me use "FOOD LIST FOR NUTRIENT COUNTING" sub-titled "A 
When my endo hooked me up to the pump he presented me with this book for 
$25.00 Non-refundable, but I do not see how I could get along without it now.
More than 10,000 foods are listed in the left hand column of the page and 
across from each item is separate columns is serving size, grams carb, grams 
fat, grams protein and calories continuing on across from this data is a list 
of constants from 23 down to 2. Based on lots of test data, each individual 
is assigned a constant. Knowing this, one only has to look up the food item 
and go across in a line until you arrive at your constant (in my case 15) and 
there is the amount of insulin in units one must bolus to compensate for that 
amount. Listing 10,000 of course all fast foods are found, including 
McDonalds, Hardys Wendys etc.  Typically and I chose at random is McDonalds 
Egg McMuffin at 3.3 units for an individual with a constant of 15. 
Some think it to be a bit cumbersome, but in about a week one can memorize 
the few things one eats routinely. It also contains formulae for determining 
the insulin requirements for foods if you can see the nutrient panel which 
producers are now required by law to affix to food containers.  Really a 
great addition to the diabetics library. BW
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