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[IP] Re: Excercise and Sites

I'm having a lot of trouble with sites quitting.  My numbers immediately
soar into the 400 - 500's.  I check about 8 x a day, but never catch
them in time.  

I'm wondering this - I exercise strenuously every day.   Some yoga,
aerobics, etc.  Could I be dislodging the site as I bend and stretch?  I
can never see or expect any trouble from the site.  I feel really
uncomfortable not having any background insulin to get me through a
couple of hours.

	It has been my experience that some infusion sets may become crimped
on thin, active people.  I have found that the "Comfort" which goes under
the skin at a 15 to 30 degree angle handles workouts better.

Good Luck,
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