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[IP] Re: telling employeers

I would not tell anyone!! Period , It is none of their business. First I
will tell you what I have lost by being "honest". I was working as a welder
once they found out I had diabetes, no more job. I applied for an upgraded
captains license, they took the one I had.I had a flight physical for my
pilots license, GONE!!!  I moved back to where I was born thinking I could
retire with my family after 20 years in the Arctic. Again I went to get a
drivers license (in the state of Alabama) they would not issue me a drivers
license without a letter from not 1 but 2 doctors. No DR. in the country is
going to sign off on someone they have never met much less treated!! They
also wanted the Hb1ac for the past year along with a complete copy of my
V.A. Medical records. This is typical of the deep south mentality that I
grew up with ( nosey,nosey,nosey) I would not tell anyone period!!!!!!!! I
ended up packing my bags and returning back to Alaska 4800 miles each way
for nothing!!  I have found the government to know even less about diabetes
than the medical profession does if you can call it a profession that is.

Ken Weldon
Chugiak Alaska
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