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[IP] static electricity

This a. m while changing into work clothes, some static
electricity from my fleece shirt set off the pump alarms!  Big time!
An error message flashed quickly, then the screen went blank.
It came back within a couple of minutes, flashing an "E-13."

I called the MiniMed 800 phone #, & the very nice & helpful man 
said that static electricity will erase everything that's been programmed.
So, he talked me thru the steps of re-setting time, date, basal
rate, etc........
(If I had to do it by reading the manual, it would have taken me

Luckily I wasn't too late reporting for my shift, but boy, what a scare!

Everyone should know that static electricity is not a good thing.  He is
sending me a new leather case (free!) that he said should minimize any
future problems.  But I'll now be using the "Static Guard" full time!
Here in Minnesota, our static season lasts 6 months!

I called my MiniMed trainer & my CDE, & neither of them were aware of this...
Future patients will be told, so I guess it was not all for nothing!

pumping 2 1/2 weeks
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