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Re: [IP] Telling employers

--- Maureen Reagan <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hey everyone
> I know this thread has been bounced around several
> times in the past, but I didn't pay that much
> attention because I was still in school.  I've
> looked
> in the archive, and haven't been that successful at
> finding the threads.  Anyhow, here is the questions.
> When/how do you tell new employers about
> diabetes/your
> pump?
> Maureen,
Enough good advice has been said so that all I can do
is reconfirm that given.I didn't mention anything
about diabetes at my job interview/while inquiring
about medical benefits.Several of my coworkers found
out when they saw my medic alert bracelet.(fortuanatly
the "smarter" ones about diabetes,ones with family
members with it)I don't tell everyone, however.Even
though diabetes related stuff wasn't covered for 2
yrs,I was fortuanate enough to be hired 4 months
before open enrollment,and pre-existing conditions
were waived(so I'd just gotten the "bad" coverage one
month before switching plans)Since I knew that'd be
happening, that was a big incentive to take the job.
Just some thoughts on the matter.
       Heidi(This insurance will pay for THE PUMP!
reason #1 why I took the job)

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