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[IP] Talking with OB/Gyn

I saw my Ob/Gyn today. We are still trying to get pregnant 
(hopefully this month will prove fruitful). But we were going over the 
changes that I'll need to make with the pump. We decided to keep 
the Humalin R going in the pump (not that it is a choice) Bolusing 
with both pump and Humalog pen. But he suggested that I might 
cut my nighttime basal in half and take the other half with NPH for 
coverage. I understand the theory behind this and it even makes 
the suggetion in the Pumping Insulin book. Basically to prevent any 
Ketoacidosis during the night. Has anyone who is/was pregnant 
done this? How successful was it? To date I have not had any 
trouble going high during the night or trouble with the site coming 
loose etc...in the 6 months on the pump. I would think that this 
would play out differently with morning numbers. I also get up on a  
regular basis and test between 2 and 4am. Is this really necessary?
Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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