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[IP] Re: skiing with the pump

I use several options depending on the cold. In normal conditions above 0
degrees I will put on my regular poly-pro long underwear shirt pull the pump
through the neck and into the breast pocket of a tee shirt that I wear over
the poly-pro and then a coat or sweater. Normally cotton would be a no no in
cold weather but not above 0. If the temps are 0 to -20 I will use a wool or
poly-pro vest that has a inside breast pocket for the pump ,over that a wool
sweater and then the parka or coat. below -20 I go for the waist belt sold
by MM I put it under everything and use the remote on a strap around my
neck. If I am going to be out for several days at a time I will use IV 3000
tape to cover the excess tubing that I coil up . You do not want to have a
length of tubing getting exposed for long at anything below 0 degrees. And
don't for get the water and carbs I use 10 carbs per hour for down-hill
skiing and 30 for cross-country the colder the more water ! I use a
camel-back with diluted gator-aid.we got 25 inches of snow here in the last
3 days and today not a cloud in the sky.!!!! Happy Skiing!!

Ken Weldon
Chugiak Alaska
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