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Re: [IP] Bread vs. Candy Bar

Sherry Nolan wrote:

>Difference between the two is fat content.
>If I bolus for the 30g of the two pieces of bread I will be fine.
>If I bolus for the 30g of the candy bar I will run low because of the fat
>content.  I digest the candy bar much slower.  Typically I would bolus half
>up front and square the rest over a couple of hours.  But in the end I have
>bolused the same amount of insulin for the same amount of food.  I have not
>noticed as much a difference between the sugar content. 

This is my experience, too. A carb is a carb. What matters more is
whether it's all carb, carb+fat, carb+fiber, etc. 

Actually, I find that the fat doesn't even make that much difference
unless it's over a certain amount -- about 35% of total calories, or
more than 20 grams, no matter what the total calories.

Liquids (juice, soda, milk) hit the bloodstream fastest of all. So if 
I'm going to drink juice (which I do about twice a year, except when 
treating lows), I bolus *before* I drink.

/Janet L.

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