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Gina [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> here's an example:  say you eat some cereal...... it has 30 
> carbs but only 
> lists 12g sugar....... the rest is fiber and plain old carbs.......
> would you immediately bolus for your 12 fast-acting carbs and 
> maybe bolus the 
> other half in an hour or say over the next couple hours or 
> would you bolus 
> for the whole 30?
> all i/m getting at here is do you bolus for all carbs listed 
> (assuming not a 
> high fat food) or do you do a square bolus for the rest?  or 
> even a dual wave 
> bolus?
> thanks....

You bolus for the carbs minus the fiber (fiber being non-absorbed).
Virtually all non-fiber cereal carbs will respond the same way.  The length
of time for absorption varies a little with the complexity of the carb, but
no where near as much as will happen with fat.  There's still a lot of
discussion about bolusing for protein.  The only time's I've used the dual
(or square) bolus is when I know that I will be "browsing" at a buffet, or
it's a food I know will take a longer time to get out of my stomach (i.e.
pizza or a large steak which I eat rarely).

Jim Handsfield
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