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Re:[IP] How scary!!

I can relate to your scare, Marge. Almost the same thing happened to me. I 
just bought a cell phone, and left a message for our son on our answering 
machine that my husband and I were going to a matinee. My 11 year old would 
get home about 1/2 hour before we would. He has his own key. It was a cold 
day and I tried reaching him on the cell phone as we were leaving the cinema 
to come home. No answer. I kept calling. No answer. It was definitely  time 
for him to be home, even if he were late. I was frantic. We pulled up to the 
house and he was in the backyard. He couldn't find his key, but looking 
further, he did find it, wedged in  a schoolbook. So leaving the message on 
the answering machine didn't work that day, and my cell phone only made me 
worry sooner. Oh well.

Debbie, mother of Blake, 11, dxd 6, Ontario Canada
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