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Re: [IP] HELP HELP HELP---BS dropping

--- email @ redacted wrote:
> Kelly,
>   Your message said this is normal for you to do
> this drop.  If that is the 
> case then it sounds like your basal rate for this
> time period is way to 
> HIGH!!!  you may want to adjust your basals to help
> aviod this low!!
> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua

I ment to say that this is not normal.  I am getting
so frustrated!!  This morning it did it again only
earlier.  So I turned off my pump and ate my emergency
food--yucky stuff or I'd eat it when its not an
emergency ;-).  I waited until about an hour later and
tested my blood still 63.....and an hour later 69.  an
hour later 10:30 am 307.  So I turned my pump on,
thinking that it is just from my basals.  My blood
continued to sky rocket.  So I did 4 units of
insulin--not knowing what is going on, by syrenge. Now
at 11:45 my blood is 290. 
Does this happen when you are pregnant?  The only
thing that I can think that is different is that I
missed my depo proverra shot and there is some
confusion about who and where I can get this. 
--Changed drs and insurances in December.--  I was due
on Feb 2nd.  Does anyone have any info on this?
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