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Re: [IP] Skiing - where to put the pump


What do you wear skiing?  I usually wear sweatpants or shorts under my ski 
bibs, and a sports bra and either a long underwear top or Tshirt and maybe 
a polartec under either a shell or parka.  I usually put the pump in my 
bra or in the pocket of my sweats or shorts.  Either way it is under 
several layers of insulation and is fine.  I wear my meter on strap around 
my waist which is also under my bibs.  Remember to keep your snacks fairly 
warm also, I've had granola bars in the pockets of my jacket freeze into 
unedible rocks.


>Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 12:09:10 
>From: "Ingrid Fylling" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Skiing - where to put the pump
>I plan to go skiing Saturday, but where du I put the pump then?
>Usually I carry it in my left pocket of my trousers, but that wouldn't be 

>possible while skiing. I know I have to carry it close to my body to 
>frozen insulin.
>How do you experienced people solve the problem?
>Ingrid, 507C two months
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