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[IP] RE: Skiing where to put pump

I plan to go skiing Saturday, but where du I put the pump then?

Usually I carry it in my left pocket of my trousers, but that wouldn't be
possible while skiing. I know I have to carry it close to my body to avoid
frozen insulin.

How do you experienced people solve the problem?


Ingrid, 507C two months<<

Hi Ingrid,

For once I can give advice rather than beg for it! We are avid skiers so
while Lauren is new to pumping, this issue is not to us. We have two good
ways: 1) tucked into the middle of a sports bra. She finds it comfy and it
stays nice and warm. A pain to get to for boluses though. Other way is to
use a soft sport case (NOT the icky waterproof one) and put it over your
long undies but under your sweater or fleece. Easy to get to but again,
stays warm.

Good luck!!

Mom of Lauren

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