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so is everyone saying if you eat two pieces of bread that say adds up to 30 
grams of carb you would give the same amount of insulin all in one bolus as 
if you ate half a candy bar?  

i just cant buy into that because I KNOW myself -- and maybe it's just my 
body-- but i know that if i bolus say 2 units when i eat two pieces of bread, 
i will be low in an hour, whereas with the candy bar i wouldnt because of the 
'glycemix index'.
maybe i'm looking into this too much, but i just cant say as far as timing 
goes that a carb is a carb as was stated earlier!  i mean, yes, a carb is a 
carb as far as a carb ....... LOL   but the timing of the digestion of sugars 
from the carb is different, thus the insulin delivery shoudl be different to 
prevent hypos...... well, that's what i was thinking!  
i do have the '... revolution' book about the glycemic index, etc....... i 
find it confusing and it gets me nervous cuz i start thinking i dont know 
guess i'll just try........ you know, trial and error  :O(
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