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After reading the MANY emails about these doctors who aren't willing to deal 
with pumps or who want pumps only temporary or just plain won't consider ANY 
changes at all, I'm wondering, are doctors not REQUIRED to have CEC's each 
year like most RNs and other licensed personnel?  I mean for awhile I was 
working for a hospice agency as an Nurse's Assistant and I was REQUIRED to 
have CEC's as an aide.  And whether your state requires it or not one would 
think that a really informed MD of any field would want to know what all of 
the latest information is available, especially in their field of choice.  It 
really scares me to think how ignorant these people are who we turn to in 
order to help keep us well.  Or our children.  I have definately come to 
realize since my son's dx 3.5 years ago that doctors are not gods, they don't 
know everything, and some of them that I have had to deal with don't know 
ANYTHING and act as if they got their diplomas through some mail order 
agency.  It is definately the time for ALL patients and parents and whomever 
to TAKE CHARGE of their own medical needs and start telling these doctors 
what THEY, the patients want, and that if the MD they are currently seeing 
won't cooperate with THEM, the patients, then a new MD will be found.  And in 
today's society where HMOs and insurance basically call the shots, if enough 
patients start leaving these uncooperative MDs for another they, the MD might 
find themselves out in the cold!!

Just my opinion, from one who has TAKEN CHARGE!!!

mom to Joshua
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