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Re: [IP] Telling employers

I went through this less than a year ago. Here's how I 
handled it.

I didn't mention or allude to having diabetes at all during
the interview process. After I'd been offered a job that I
wanted to accept, I asked to talk to someone in Human 
Resources about medical coverage before I accepted the
offer. I asked general questions about the medical plans 
offered and other relevant aspects of benefits (including 
coverage for "pre-existing condtions"), but I didn't say 
anything about having diabetes. (Actually, pre-existing
condtions coverage didn't matter because I'd been con-
tinuously covered at my old job for the previous 18 months,
which means that my new insurance had to grandfather me
in. I'm not sure whether this is Federal or state law.)

After I started the job, I waited several weeks before I
told anyone that I had diabetes. Usually I'm very open 
about it, but I don't like my being diabetic to be the very 
first thing that people know about me. I was meeting a
lot of new people and wanted to form relationships with
them without having them think of me as "diabetic" first
and foremost. (This was an interesting challenge, since
my department took me out to lunch on my very first
day. In fact, one of my co-workers, whose sister is 
diabetic, suspected it that day but didn't say anything
about it until I mentioned it to her weeks later.) 

Once I'd settled in, I made no more attempt to hide the
fact that I have diabetes, and now everybody in the office 
who needs or wants to know, knows.

Not mentioning that you have diabetes during the inter-
view process doesn't equal "hiding" it. After all, there are
lots of other personal things that you're not telling them
about. They're specifically forbidden to ask you about
your health (unless it bears on the work you'll be doing),
your marital status and other aspects of your family life,
etc. If you're going to need specific accomodations to do 
the job, you'll need to talk about that *after* you've 
received the offer, but before you start working. 

Good luck!

/Janet L.

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