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[IP] Telling employers

Hey everyone
I know this thread has been bounced around several
times in the past, but I didn't pay that much
attention because I was still in school.  I've looked
in the archive, and haven't been that successful at
finding the threads.  Anyhow, here is the questions. 
When/how do you tell new employers about diabetes/your

I had a job interview (which I didn't mention it at)
and even though I wasn't offered a job, they still
talked about the benifits then (I was planning on
bringing it up when I talked about benefits, but I
thought would be after I was offered at job, but I
wasn't about to mention diabetes before I was offered
the job).  All of my other jobs have been part time
(and as my dad would say a dime a dozen), so I would
disclose it when I was applying, not caring if I lost
the job for that reason.  This time it is different. 
I don't want to appear to hide it, but I hate bringing
it up.  Any words of advice?  When did any of you guys
tell your employers?

Maureen (who is hoping to have a job offer by the end
of the week...)

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