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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #876

John if you can come up with a way to eliminate bubbles in your cartridges 
you will have unlocked one of the world's great mysteries. I live in SE Tenn 
and the tempatures rarely get below freezing, but I cannot keep the bubbles 
out so I just ignore them and try and prime out most of them when I change 
cartridges and sites. My endo wears a pump and he agrees with me that a 
better term, in spite of what one might conclude from watching the Disetronic 
training film, would be to "minimize bubbles." 
Disetronic has a third party that will pre-fill cartridges for a fee, but 
unfortunately my insurance, BCBS nor Medicare will pay for this service. So, 
I do my best and then let it go.   BW
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