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[IP] Silhouettes Tape

 SNIP>>>>From: "Brian Hermann" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Suggestions for tape on Minimed Silo?

Just went on the Silhouette a couple of days ago.  I love how the tape is
built right in....umlike the soft-sets.  However sometimes it starts to peel
up before my 3rd day on it.  Any suggestions....I have tried deodorant
around it....any good tapes?<<<<SNIP

Hi Brian, 
Funny about the tape on the Silhouettes.  I have been using them for a
couple of years with no problem with tape sticking.  As of about 6 months
ago the sticking became a major issue.   Never happened before then.  MM
says it is just a fluke, that there is nothing new or wrong with their tape.
But the really funny thing is it started happening to several people.   So,
now with my order for supplies I always get a couple of boxes of V3000 tape
or Polyskin II, cut a small hole in center, put it over Sil infusion set,
before I attach the cannula, and I have no problem  with sticking any more.
Both items are available where I order my supplies (from MiniMed).   Try
that and see if it helps.
Bonnie Richardson
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