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[IP] New Sites and Independence with lows

Well I did appoint my husband taping assistant for the first time last night and set about trying a rump site after my shower. It didn't go so well.  He was nervous about it and would call in every few minutes "do you need my help yet?"  I said no as I was drying off, combing the tangles out of my hair, filling the reservoir, etc. etc. But then I got hit with one of those whammy lows that comes of the blue.  And
of course the profuse sweating commenced. So I was trying to use a full length mirror and a nervous husband to get a set in when not even the wings would stick to my sweaty skin. Now I realize I should have treated the low, THEN worried about a new set, but when I'm low I get stubborn.  I wanted to finish the change first, because I COULDN'T be low.  I had tested fine 45 min. earlier, so it had to just be my
imagination. Maybe I was sweating like no human should sweat because it was hot in the bathroom.  Yeah, right.
Finally I ended up having to attach a new piece of tubing at the QR and just used my tummy again.  And I had to use three or four pieces of tape to get it to stick.  Then I went and ate chocolate Valentine's candy because juice just didn't sound good. So when I have to change again in three days, or sooner if the tape bails out on me, I may try again. Maybe I will ask my mommy to come over and do it.
Independence is fine and good with the mild lows or with the ones that come on gradually, but a whammy low is a different story.  As an adult, my stubbornness sometimes makes me not do what is best for my health when I am out of my logical mind. I think I'd help my child no matter what because I know what it's like to have candy in your hand and not remember that you should eat it, or to forget where the kitchen
even is.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Dreading trying the rump site again and feeling tired because her husband kept waking her up all night when he'd reach over to see if her forehead was sweaty. Ain't it grand to have "diabeasties"?
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