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[IP] How scary!!

Well list Matt gave me another heartattack and aged me 10 years today. I let
him stay home alone while i took my older son to wrestling. I had my cell
phone. I called him on hourly intervals. First call everything a
ok.....numbers were 225. Good, keep him a little high, while i was gone,
right?  Tell him to set kitchen timer and test at 8:00 and call me back. Well
8:05 i called him back. NO ANSWER!  I called atleast 6x. Called a neighbor and
had the neighbor go ring the door bell. I'm on my way home now, still ringing
the phone. I pull up in the drive and the neighbor says my dogs are barking
like crazy, but Matt is NOT answering the door!  Ok, are you all freaking like
i was????  Turns out he was sound alseep on the couch, and never heard the
phone, the dogs, the kitchen timer or the doorbell.!  I had to violently shake
him awake, the whole time, getting glucogon ready. He opens his eyes and looks
at me as though i were crazy!  His numbers were 345. Usually high numbers
don't make that happen. I guess he was just exhausted??????   To tell ya the
truth, my heart actually was in pain, physically, for quite awhile. This i do
not need!  Thank goodness he was just sleeping!
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