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i have a few questions regarding carb counting and bolusing..... first of
all, how do all of you bolus for carbs, ie, if a label says the serving
contains 25 carbs, do you just go bolus for your 25 carbs using your
carb:insulin ration OR do you break it down into say sugars?
for example, one serving of Golden Grahams has 25 carbs, BUT only 10 of those
carbs are 'sugar.'  so my question is to prevent a low from happening too
quickly, why not bolus for the 10 simple carbs right away and bolus for the
other 15 using say a dual wave bolus or just maybe like 1/2 hour later to 45
minutes later?  
the reason i ask is because the other day i had 60 carbs and did my 1:15
bolus.... so i gave 4 units and ate and an hour later i was 41.  what i had
eaten was just some bread with garlic and herbs on it, etc....... so
obviously i didnt digest it quick enough/there was no fast-acting sugar in
so my question again is how do you differentiate how many of the carbs you
will bolus for at the time you eat them vs setting it for later due to the
slow digestion of some complex carbs?
if a label says 20 carbs, do you just bolus for 20 no matter what kind of
carbs they are?  what if it's just fiber that isnt going to affect your sugar
right away?  i know this gets into the glycemic index of foods now which can
get really complicated with the different kinds of sugars, but i was just
wondering on average what you did  :O)
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