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Re: [IP] High blood sugar

> Last night for dinner (home made) I had 2 hamburgers (50 carbs) with cheese,
> french fries (60 carbs), brocolli (10 carbs), ice cream (30 carbs), banana
> (10 carbs), misc (10 carbs) for a estimated total of 170 carbs.  My carb
> ratio is 1:20.  I took a bolus of 8 units.  My starting blood sugar at 5:00
> pm was 85, at 8:00 pm it was 135, at 9:00 pm it was 226.  So at 9:00 pm I
> took a bolus of 1.7 units thinking my blood sugar level would drop to 116.
> But at 12:30 am it was at 204, so I took another 1.5 bolus .  At 2:30 am I
> was at 137 and 5:00 am at 118.
> So here is my question, I can't understand why after 3 hrs my blood sugar
> was 135 then an hour after that it rose to 226.  I thought maybe the
> glycemic index of the food?, but if that was the case I should have gone low
> because I bolused for the meal  then when the food absorbed I would go high.
> 2nd, I took a bolus correction and it only dropped my blood sugar level 22.

There is SO MUCH protein in the hamburger+ cheese that you must account 
for the conversion to carbs. Don't remember the exact formula, but it's 
half or so by weight. Look in Pumping Insulin, the conversion factor is 
there. Because protein digests slowly and way down in the gut, the 
conversion does even begin to take place until several hours have passed. 
Thus the high LATER. If it were just a few ounces of meat, you could 
easily ignore the protein, but for TWO hamburgers + cheese it's is enough 
that it must be accounted for. (smile :-) I recall about three years ago 
taking my hungry daughter to the charbroil hamburger joint and was 
completely dumbfounded when she wolfed down TWO - ONE pound cheesburgers 
and a diet coke (of course). Yes, she was a little high a few hours 
later, but bolused for the protein conversion. That was the year she grew 
about 4 inches.
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