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Re: [IP] limiting carbs

>many docs have never updated their mental pharmacopeai to
>include humulog, when as a consultant i ordered it for a type 1 diabetic
>kid the pediatrician asked me what in hell is humulog. well the mentality
>of carb restriction dies hard. kids were so starved that their growth was
>stunted. spot

I have a co-worker, a few years older than I, type 1 for 11 
years, who is on an R+NPH regimen, with H only to bring down 
highs. She's also on a very carb-restricted diet. She says 
that she's wanted to try a regimen that would give her more 
flexibility and better control (she has to be very careful 
about dinner, because she's only on R at dinner time, with 
a shot of NPH at bedtime, leading to late evening highs), but 
her doctor doesn't want to let her change anything. I'm trying 
to convince her to change doctors!

/Janet L.

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