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[IP] limiting carbs

josh's mom writes:> > actually starting to gain weight.  I have never heard
nor read anything
> about
> > someone needing to limit carbohydrates, unless of course they are on
> > special diet.  Spot/Michael, can either one of you clarify this for me
> > please.  Oh, you too Barbara!
> >
> > Sylvia
> > mom to Joshua
well, most of us adult diabetics especially those of us with pumps tend to
gain weight on the extra calories which can in the right genetic substrate
cause insulin resistance. although most of us are protected by our inherent
insulin sensitivity,some are not. the less insulin you need the better off
you will be. I went to medical school long before pumps, 1962 tthe keystone
of type 1 treatment was weight loss, carb restriction and sugar andacetone
urine testing. many docs have never updated their mental pharmacopeai to
include humulog, when as a consultant i ordered it for a type 1 diabetic
kid the pediatrician asked me what in hell is humulog. well the mentality
of carb restriction dies hard. kids were so starved that their growth was
stunted. spot try to locate an old book "quantitative clinical chemistry"
by peters and van slykea treatise on how far we have come in managing t1
diabetes. most stuff is inaccurate and not of any relavence now.
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