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[IP] Boy am I sad and frustrated!

Soooo, to continue the saga of trying to get Joshua (3 3/4) on the

The Barbara Davis Center told us sure, bring him out, we can put him on the
pump.  Got the paperwork going, she asked about our insurance, I said UHC, she
stopped me right there....won't take it.  I talked to the insurance dept at
the BDC, she told to how to get UHC to pay how they are paying now, except to
BDC, not our current endo.

So I'm in the process of sending letters to the insurance company from us, our
pediatrition, giving them documents explaining how beneficial it would be for
Joshua to be on the pump blah blah blah.

I call BDC to set up an appt, because we have decided that insurance or not,
we will pay whatever to get this process going.  What does BDC tell me now?
They don't know if they can fit an out of state patient in.  I talked to them
the end of Jan and they were all ready to accept him as a new patient.  Now
they tell me that they had 20 new patients and don't know if they can find the
time to do this.  The lady I spoke with told me it would take 1-2 weeks for
them to decide if Joshua could be seen there.

I told her if this was about insurance we would pay it all, then we would be
the ones trying to get reimbursed from our insurance company.  Once again, the
part about maybe not being able to take out of state patients.

Am I being over emotional????  Last week I was told he could, now I'm told he
can't.  I can't take this anymore!  I did talk to a doc in Rapid City SD that
will put him on the pump whenever I ask.

What the HE** should I do?  Don't answer "cry" because that is ALL I have been
doing lately.

Anyone in the Kansas City area that knows if docs put soon to be 4 year old
kids on the pump?  Iowa?

Please help me not to go nuts over this........I'm close!


sorry if this rambles and makes no sense.....my brain is like mush
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