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[IP] Fw: Go ahead and play the doc's way

This was returned to me when I tried to write off list.
---------------------My original post follows.--------------------
I cannot BELIEVE this dude!

NPH is usually discontinued for several hours before a pump is initiated.
Are you (hopefully) seeking a new doc?

For about a month, and on wekkends, leave it on, test often and start to act
as though you'll soon be leaving it on 24/7.

See how she is doing after a couple of weeks and then after that month, try
again to let her use it at school.

Did you buy this or did the doc? He sounds a tad tyrannical to not trust any
of you, but if she's able to cope, why the heck not?

Whatever pump you are using, I'd recommend a visit to the site for
Disetronic and get their "ABC" booklet for kids who pump and attend school.

It's free, so gifting your doc with one of these may also be a good
idea..... Good luck in this and stay well.

Jenny Sutherland
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