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[IP] Re: children treating own lows

To Joslyn:

Lauren is nine and can treat her own lows but chooses many times not to. One
day she was at the hosue of a friend with D. the friend felt low and told
the father. The father said, "Get your own stuff! I'm not your slave!"
Lauren came home and said, "Mom, that is wrong in so many ways!" she's
right. If you feel bad and need help, you need it at any age. On the other
hand,. she goes nuts when she is sometimes forced to see the nurse for a low
in school. If she just feels sort of low, she is fully capable of treating
herself. I think at school she likes to be independent, and when Im around
she likes to lean on me cause I'm her Mommy. That's my thought on the

Mom of Lauren, 9, pumper
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