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[IP] Cold weather and bubbles

Ok heres the problem. Today(this morning) I changed my insulin cartridge and
infusion site.  The insulin was room temp when filling the cartridge and I
made sure all the bubbles were out of the cartridge after filling.  Tonight
I've had 2 pretty high BGs(4 hrs after eatingand bolusing) and decided to look
very closely at my tubing and what did I find???? Champange bubbles!!!! and
lots of them so I took out the cartridge and found more of the same.

My question is can cold (it was only in the teens-twentys in MA today and I
work outside most of the day) and then temp change to indoor temps cause the
formation of these pesky bubbles???  Has anyone else had this happen???  Its
quite unnerving to see all those bubbles that weren't there this morning.  Any
Ideas how to stop them from forming???

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