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[IP] High blood sugar

I am looking for some advice.

Here is some back ground first.
I have been on Animas pump since Tuesday.  I am still fine tuning my basal
rate but I have it pretty close.  I have always had fairly good blood sugar
control with the exception of lows and the odd high.  I think the lows were
because it was hard to predict when the long acting insulin would peak when
I was on shots.

Last night for dinner (home made) I had 2 hamburgers (50 carbs) with cheese,
french fries (60 carbs), brocolli (10 carbs), ice cream (30 carbs), banana
(10 carbs), misc (10 carbs) for a estimated total of 170 carbs.  My carb
ratio is 1:20.  I took a bolus of 8 units.  My starting blood sugar at 5:00
pm was 85, at 8:00 pm it was 135, at 9:00 pm it was 226.  So at 9:00 pm I
took a bolus of 1.7 units thinking my blood sugar level would drop to 116.
But at 12:30 am it was at 204, so I took another 1.5 bolus .  At 2:30 am I
was at 137 and 5:00 am at 118.

So here is my question, I can't understand why after 3 hrs my blood sugar
was 135 then an hour after that it rose to 226.  I thought maybe the
glycemic index of the food?, but if that was the case I should have gone low
because I bolused for the meal  then when the food absorbed I would go high.
2nd, I took a bolus correction and it only dropped my blood sugar level 22.

Usually 1 unit will drop my blood sugar level 70-80 points.

Does anyone have any insight on this?

By the way, I choose the Animas pump because it has a DC motor, delivers
insulin at a fast rate, has a leak alarm and the way the pump screen is
layed out.  Very easy to go in and change any settings.  I also liked that
you could go to their WEB site and go to Virtual Pump and play with the
pump.  It is like the real thing.  You can go in and program it, basal,
bolus anything.  I would suggest to anyone looking at a pump.  Also in
Diabetes Mall there is a sheet comparing all three pumps, which will help
educate you on the pros and cons of the different pumps.
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