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Re: [IP] Pumps

>  HI, need some information or should I say more
>information.  Now i have info on Animas pump.  Does
>anyone know something about this and do they
>like. my email is

I am on the Animas since November 2000.  I like it a lot.  I would 
definitely meet with the representative from the company.  Just call the 
number and request a meeting for the representative in your area.  Do you 
also know that there are two other pump companies out there?  I am a firm 
believer that since you are the one that will be wearing it you should make 
the decision as to which pump.  What I like about the Animas is that for me 
it is the best of the other two pumps.  It is easy to use and it is 
waterproof ( so is the Disetronic ) which is the number one feature for 
me.  Key words, for me, may not be for you.  Feel free to email me 
privately if you would like.

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