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[IP] re: getting back into shape

I just started going to the gym, about a month
ago..and working on my diet..first, set goals! I've
started makign myself take a vitamin b/c I know I
don't get the nutrients I need with my diet and am
trying to cut back on soda. 
 I started the gym b/c my PCP told me to exercise with
all my highs and ketones..found out two weeks later
that I was right, do NOT exercise with ketones and I
wound up needing ivs for dehydration..so now he
bleieves me when I say i know some stuff:-)
 Anyhow, do it with a friend. I've gotten to where I
WANT to exercise..my friend is not there yet and finds
excuses and has work when I don't so I go myself.
Usually there's someone I know up at the gym which
makes it better....my personal thing is cardio if I go
alone and weights an dcardio with a friend..like I did
 Anyhow, remember teh benefits kick butt! You can help
improve diabetes control, help prevent some
complications,a nd come on, get that exercise high!
Nothing like leaving the gym after two hours and
feeling on top of the world!

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