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Re: [IP] Getting back into shape

On 12 Feb 2001, at 8:33, Laura Barnett wrote:

> pump and have gained about 15 pounds.  I'm not happy but I'm intimidated about
> starting back because I'm SO out of shape at this point.  Any advise on
> getting started, not getting discouraged, etc?

After my diagnosis last year, my husband and I started out by 
simply walking.  Around the block ONCE.  Every night for a week.  
Then twice around the block for a week.  Then thrice.  He's a 
runner, so for him it was easy.  For me though..... lordy.  I'm the 
quintessential couch potato.

Within 50 yards, I'd hit a "wall" of sorts.  I'd have to walk like an old 
lady for the next 50 yards.  Then finally, my body would give up and 

After about a month of this, I went and signed up at the local gym 
with a personal trainer.  Expensive yes.  But they're vigilant about 
not letting you get hurt in any way.  If only to cover-their-hind-ends 
legally.  Which is to everyone's advantage.

It helped me *immensely* to work with a trainer.  He always 
pushed me a little bit past where I thought I could go, but never 
more than would make me miserable.  And this particular kid (he 
was young enough to be son.... <whiimper>) was also very 
responsive to my particular needs.  I would tell him what my blood 
sugars had done since the previous workout and we eventually 
realized that large muscle group anaerobic work helped *my* BGs 
the most, so he minimized my aerobic work.  (YMMV, of course).

He chatted with me about any ol' thing all through the workout, 
which was really good because I desperately needed the 
entertainment and *distraction*.

Money wouldn't let me keep it up forever, but for those 2-3 months, 
it was very helpful in getting me off my duff.  :-)
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