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Re: [IP] Pumps


I would suggest doing saline trials with the ones you are interested in,
and deciding which fits you best.  I did trails with a Disetronic and the
Animas (my two top choices after an initial viewing with each rep/trainer
[Dis, Animas, and MM]), and then chose after wearing each for six days. I
can try to answer any specific questions you have, but the trial was close
(no head-and-shoulders above the other winner), mostly my personal
preferences.  I am going with the Animas unless my insurance co. refuses
(they have a contract with MiniMed).  I could list some of my reasons for
my choice, but they are all good pieces of equipment, and I don't want to
start another pump slugfest. There is no substitute for trying them. I
found that the reps for the different companies are very willing to let
you do a saline trial.  Go for it; that way, you'll be confident that you
made the best choice.

--Richard Seyler
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