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Re: [IP] independence

Jocelyn, mom of Brian,

  You are his mom and he will only be a 'kid' for just so long...The time 
will come when he will NOT want you to do for him for anything (UUGGHH!) so 
ignore your friend's comments.  Like you said, she does not have kids, so 
what does she know!!)  If it were my Joshua (age 9) wanting me in the middle 
of the night for ANYTHING I would gladly be there.  Problem is my son is a 
heavy sleeper, like his dad, and NOTHING wakes him up in the night.  But I 
always tell him if you need anything get me.  That's what a mom is 
for!!...This is not to say that I am not teaching my son independence.  
Because I am in all areas of his life.  But come on, when you don't feel 
good, for whatever reason, you really want you mommy........!

Just my opinion, but then, I AM a mother!!!

mom to Joshua
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