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No Subject

> Our endo will not prescribe Velosulin for us until she speaks with other
> endos who were doing likewise.  Her feeling is that she doesn't know
> anything about it - and has lots of questions to ask before she would
> even consider giving us a script for it.  I think we can probably get it
> without a script - but then we would need to find a new endo 'cuz I'm
> not sure she would continue treating us if we went ahead and used it
> without her approval.  While I am disappointed, I do respect her
> caution.  I told her I would fax her a list of endos who approve of
> mixing Velosulin and Humalog in young pumpers - can you guys help me
> out?!  I stuck my neck out and told her that "many" people are doing
> this!!!!  If you have an endo that fits the bill - would you please
> e-mail me privately, and send my your endo's name, phone and city - I
> would really appreciate it!       Thanks - Laurie

My endo and cde both knew nothing of this but my endo, knowing i have been
douing research on c-peptide said "you know more about insulin than i do"
why does this work. I told her I had no idea which she accepted. You don't
need an rx for velosulin its just regular insulin. If I knew of a
scientific reason for the action of velosulin when mixed with humulog I'd
let you know. I'm a neuro-oncologist not an endo. I'll ask around at the
lab. spot
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