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Re: [IP] independence

> I am the mother of an 11 year old T1 - to start pumping March 1st. 
> This question is about indenpedence whether on the pump or not.  I
> was wondering at what age some of you who have been living with
> diabetes for a long time - started treating your own lows that
> happened during the night.  If my son goes low at night, he comes
> and gets me.  I don't mind at all.  It's just I had a friend (who of
> course does not have a child with diabetes) who thinks that an 11
> year old should be able to get their own juice, cereal, glucose,
> whatever.  I think it is OK that he gets me. 

I dunno...... Lily may get her own snack or glucose, but she comes 
and sits with me or falls asleep on my bed because she does not want 
to be alone and low. Since I am not diabetic myself, I can only 
imagine how frightening it must be to be unable to control a physical 
process which can be so incapacitating. I just know it scares the 
c--p out of me when I've found her completely out of it or having 
great difficulty coping because of a low. I don't think it would 
matter how old she was -- as a parent I am compelled to help in any 
way I can. I would imagine it would be the same for any friend or 
loved one.

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