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Re: [IP] independence

When I have a low in the middle of the night, it takes
a lot of strength of will for me *not* to wake up my
husband. It's not that I can't deal with the low myself;
luckily I've never had a nighttime low that bad. But I 
feel rotten and lonely and really in need of comfort. 
I don't wake my husband up, but when I get back in 
bed I do snuggle up to him. (He sleeps so soundly that 
he usually barely notices that I've gotten up and maybe 
even turned a light on.)

Maybe your son wakes you up not so much because
he doesn't know what to do, but because he knows 
you'll hug him and comfort him. As long as you don't 
mind, I think that's fine. He knows that he can count 
on your love, and that's really important. As he gets
older, he'll probably want to be more independent, 

/Janet L.

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