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[IP] independence

I think it is perfectly acceptable for your son to get you when he is low.  I 
am a grown-up (I think) in my mid 30's and appreciate my husband's help when 
I feel low in the night.  (It doesn't happen often.)  Actually, I much prefer 
he go get me some juice or glucose tabs, which are usually in my nightstand, 
but sometimes I forget to restock.  I feel shaky when I'm low, and I'm afraid 
of falling down the stairs in the dark.  I think if you and your son are fine 
with your current situation, then you should ignore your friend's comments.  
After all, it's not like he's just waking up at 2 am because he's hungry and 
wants to snack.  In the middle of the afternoon I would expect that he could 
make his own snack.

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