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RE: [IP] independence

I think this question brings up two possible answers.

The question is whether or not your son, at age 11, knows how to treat the

If he is waking you because he wants company this is perfectly normal.  I
wake my husband everytime. :)  Running low can be a very scary situation,
depending on the depth you have dropt.  I often have a racing heartbeat and
am very jumpy.  I have been known to hallucinate on occasion.  It's better
to have a sane soul and a protector if needed near by. :)   In more minor
situations, it is nice to have company and support.  

If he is dependent upon waking you up because he doesn't know what to do,
then this may be a dangerous dependency.  I don't want to get into the
debate over when to turn over control to your child.  So please don't flame,
but there are certain aspects of this disease which a child can grasp and
should have knowledge of.  If they are comfortable with taking control piece
by piece then by all means help them to achieve this.  Growing up I was a
very independent child. When I was 6 I was injecting myself.  My parents
drew up the insulin based on a sliding scale and I injected it.  I wasn't
ready for the responsibility of figuring out how much to draw up but I did
have some connection with my treatments.  If I was at a sleepover and woke
up and felt low, I would grab a juice box out of my bag and drink it.  If I
was at home and woke up and felt low, I would knock on my parents door to
let them know and go downstairs to get something, often with them.  I
grasped that if I had low symptoms I needed sugar.  Again, this was early
1980s and I wasn't testing more then 2 times a day.  (Never occurred to us
to do more).

I am assuming from what you wrote, that the first is more likely.  He just
wants the company and the support.  Running low can make you feel very
vulnerable and a little TLC is always helpful.

-- Sherry
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