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RE: [IP] Getting back into shape

Laura wrote:

> .  Any advise on
> getting started, not getting discouraged, etc?

Laura, I've been following the work of Dr. Rena Wing who's involved in the
National Weight Control Registry (I'm registered with them but have no
personal involvement other than being in the registry).  The one thing that
people have in common who've lost 30 or more pounds and kept it off for at
least a year is *exercise*, most notably walking.

I'm convinced that the first thing you or anyone else should do to lose
and/or control weight is develop an exercise plan you can and will stay
with.  Note that you should probably have a physical exam first, and that
should include an ECG as well as blood work.  This exercise plan can be as
simple as walking to the store for small errands instead of driving, or
taking half of your lunch time to walk, etc.  The current Diabetes Forecast
has an article aimed exactly at fitting exercise (specifically walking) into
a busy day.

After you have the exercise plan, then look at the way you eat.  I think a
journal is useful for most people as most people (like me!) tend to
underestimate many calories they really take in.  If you have access to a
nutritionist, that person can help you with the planning you need to do.

Finally, don't try to do it too fast.  A pound a week is a significant
weight loss rate, and two per week is about the most ambitious anyone should
attempt.  One pound per week works out to taking in 3500 fewer calories than
you use per week.

Jim Handsfield
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