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[IP] Trying new sites

(I apologize to the group for my earlier response to the AIDs rant. I usually
ignore such  messages since replying only encourages the instigator, but he caught
me at a time when I was mad enough to answer. I am now moving on to new topics,
never to return.)
I've been using my tummy since I started pumping in August, and was afraid to try
any place else.  Which is strange because I NEVER gave myself injections there,
and used to be afraid to use anything other than arms and legs. The mind is a
strange thing.  Anyway, now that I'm past sixth months pregnant, my tummy feels
tight and the set hurts more. I was using a narrow strip to the side of my tummy
bulge where it didn't hurt as much, but am running out of space since the tape
tends to touch older sites and irritate them.  So I am gathering my courage to try
a new place tonight when I change.  Some of you have said you use the back "where
it starts to curve into the buttocks". Hmm... I'm trying to picture exactly how
high or low to do this. Since I can't sleep on my tummy anymore, I don't want to
put it it in a place that will limit sleeping on my back at all. Is it kind of the
upper rump area? I'm kind of afraid to do it.  I don't want to be stuck with an
uncomfortable set that I will have to change early and waste supplies.  Worse, I
don't want to be stuck at work or in class and face changing one. I usually like
to plan this carefully for an evening so I have plenty of time to concentrate. But
my husband is home tonight and I am appointing him taping assistant, so I guess we
will see.
Wish me luck!

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Chicken-livered soul
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