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Re: [IP] pumping and ice hockey

Just another thought - although this comes from a mom of a runner - which is 
a little different scenario than hockey or soccer -- One thing Andrea has 
been watching out for is the timing of her last bolus.  She's found that if 
she waits 1.5-2.0 hours after the last bolus she won't go low even on a 10-12 
mile run - or 90 minutes (that's as far as she's up to now).  The amount of 
circulating insulin is crucial to her (YMMV, of course).  Less circulating 
insulin -- longer the run -- fewer lows & the ending BGs are fine.  Of 
course, she also has to take off her pump - she has always gotten a long 
lasting affects from her insulin.  

There is a very interesting and new book by Sheri Colberg - The Diabetic 
Athlete : Prescriptions for exercise and sports - published by Human KInetics 
Press - I ordered it through Amazon.  The author worked with the 
International Association of Diabetic Athletes -- and actually spells out 
suggested scenarios for all types of sports (including ice hockey).  The book 
concentrates on Type 1 diabetes AND talks alot about how to adjust insulin 
pump usage for various sports.  This book and the chapters in Walsh's Pumping 
Insulin have been our guidelines for trying to figure this all out.  
Unfortunately, it has been on our own.  Even Cleveland isn't a large enough 
town to support an endo who concentrates on athletes with diabetes and while 
Andrea's pediatric endo. is absolutely top notch - the type of training she 
is doing is beyond their expertise. 

Liz B. 
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